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Features of Teaching


  Professional programs can enhance student’s ability.
There are three main programs in the visual communication department: packaging design, graphic design, and brand design. These programs are designed to enhance our students’ professional ability. 
  Inspiring students’ Creativity
Our programs emphasize the visual aesthetic as well as humanism to inspire our students’ creativity.
  A Comprehensive Design Program
There are several programs in the visual communication department. They include: the graphic design, the environmental graphic design, the advertising design, the package design, the display design, computer art, graphic and symbol, visual psychology, the basic design, color plan, and the design color. These programs help develop student’s professional ability in respect of the visual communication. 
  A Superb Laboratory with Equipment for Different Needs.
The university provides a superb lab to support student activities, such as a drawing room, a practice room, a design professional room, a computer lab, a graphic printing room, a photography room, a color research lab, and a symbol design lab, etc. 
  Emphasizing the  Combination of Theory and Practice in Design.
We require our students to plan a “final year project (part 1and 2)” as one of of capstone courses, thereby developing our students’ practical skills and knowledge .

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