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  ■ Chairman's Message
  Welcome to the Department of Visual Communication Design, Asia University. Our faculty are experienced and possess a strong passion. The relationship between faculty and students is also highly valued. I believe everyone has great interest and enthusiasm in design. In addition to providing professional knowledge and skills, we also appreciate the importance of character building.
As a designer, we must embrace humanity. That way, we will create innovative and humanistic designs. May we all hold this conviction in heart, and strive to be excellent designers for the world!
  ■ About Us
  Department of Visual Communication Design established in 2007. The aim of this department is to encourage students to be a designer who has creative thinking and highly aware of the advantage of technology.
Department of Visual Communication Design started from craft art, applied art, commercial design, and graphic design. Thus, this department comprised of various courses and different design fields.
The coming of digital communication is not only changing the way we live but also the way we communicate. As a designer, we also follow this trend. In order to fulfill the change of technology, this department developed some courses such as basic design, media design, and design theory. We hope those courses can improve students' abilities in visual communication design so they can make effective artworks that can be used to communicate with people in the world.
  ■ Why Asia University
  Asia University always strives to provide a good of educational environment at all levels. Asia University want you to know the following remarkable achievements in the recent years.









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